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The 72 Apostles


Here is the complete text of Hippolytus' On the Seventy Two Apostles of Christ:

  1. James "the Lord's brother", author of the Epistle of James, and first Bishop of Jerusalem (sometimes is replaced by Jacob Joses Justus, who was also a brother of Jesus, since James the Just is identified as one of the Twelve Apostles)

  2. Mark the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Mark and Bishop of Alexandria

  3. Luke the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Luke

  4. Cleopas

  5. Simeon, son of Cleopas, 2nd Bishop of Jerusalem

  6. Barnabas, companion of Paul

  7. Justus, Bishop of Eleutheropolis

  8. Thaddeus of Edessa (not the Apostle called Thaddeus) also known as Saint Addai

  9. Ananias, Bishop of Damascus

  10. Stephen, one of the Seven Deacons, the first martyr

  11. Philip the Evangelist, one of the Seven Deacons, Bishop of Tralles in Asia Minor

  12. Prochorus, one of the Seven Deacons, Bishop of Nicomedia in Bithynia

  13. Nicanor the Deacon, one of the Seven Deacons

  14. Timon, one of the Seven Deacons

  15. Parmenas the Deacon, one of the Seven Deacons

  16. Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus

  17. Titus, Bishop of Crete

  18. Philemon, Bishop of Gaza

  19. Onesimus (Not the Onesimus mentioned in the Epistle to Philemon)

  20. Epaphras, Bishop of Andriaca

  21. Archippus

  22. Silas, Bishop of Corinth

  23. Silvanus

  24. Crescens

  25. Crispus, Bishop of Chalcedon in Galilee

  26. Epenetus, Bishop of Carthage

  27. Andronicus, Bishop of Pannonia

  28. Stachys, Bishop of Byzantium

  29. Amplias, Bishop of Odissa (Odessus)

  30. Urban, Bishop of Macedonia

  31. Narcissus, Bishop of Athens

  32. Apelles, Bishop of Heraklion

  33. Aristobulus, Bishop of Britain

  34. Herodion, Bishop of Patras

  35. Agabus the Prophet

  36. Rufus, Bishop of Thebes

  37. Asyncritus, Bishop of Hyrcania

  38. Phlegon, Bishop of Marathon

  39. Hermes, Bishop of Philippopolis

  40. Parrobus, Bishop of Pottole

  41. Hermas, Bishop of Dalmatia

  42. Pope Linus, Bishop of Rome

  43. Gaius, Bishop of Ephesus

  44. Philologus, Bishop of Sinope

  45. Lucius of Cyrene, Bishop of Laodicea in Syria

  46. Jason, Bishop of Tarsus

  47. Sosipater, Bishop of Iconium

  48. Olympas

  49. Tertius, transcriber of the Epistle to the Romans and Bishop of Iconium

  50. Erastus, Bishop of Paneas

  51. Quartus, Bishop of Berytus

  52. Euodias, Bishop of Antioch

  53. Onesiphorus, Bishop of Cyrene

  54. Clement, Bishop of Serdica

  55. Sosthenes, Bishop of Colophon

  56. Apollos, Bishop of Caesarea

  57. Tychicus, Bishop of Colophon

  58. Epaphroditus

  59. Carpus, Bishop of Beroea in Thrace

  60. Quadratus

  61. John Mark (commonly considered identical to Mark the Evangelist), bishop of Byblos 

  62. Zenas the Lawyer, Bishop of Diospolis

  63. Aristarchus, Bishop of Apamea in Syria

  64. Pudens

  65. Trophimus

  66. Mark, Bishop of Apollonia

  67. Artemas, Bishop of Lystra

  68. Aquila

  69. Fortunatus

  70. Achaicus

  71. Tabitha, a woman disciple, whom Peter raised from the dead

Matthias, who would later replace Judas Iscariot as one of the Twelve Apostles, is also often numbered among the Seventy, since John Mark is typically viewed as Mark the Evangelist.  

Also, some lists name a few different disciples than the ones listed above. Other names commonly included are:

These are usually included at the expense of the aforementioned Timothy, Titus, Archippus, Crescens, Olympas, Epaphroditus, Quadratus, Aquila, Fortunatus, and/or Achaicus.