Steve's Christian Website

Why This Web Site

      The primary purpose of Jesus was to introduce the whole world to the "Kingdom of God". There are many more reasons why he came as a human.  Another purpose was to verify the scriptures and to give the meanings of the 11th and 12th commandments, along with the forgiveness of sin. 
     This web site was created as a biblical site acknowledging the use of the full scriptures as written.

      As you know the Holy Bible is only 1/5th of all the scriptures ever written.

     The Holy Bible is the number 1 book stolen, and sold; but not read. 

      It was approximately in the year 300 AD that the biblical bible was shortened into 67 books out of approximately 8000 scrolls, tables and writings. It is our intentions to show you the whole story. 
     Therefore, take what you need and leave the rest. This site is not to convenience you of anything, but just to give you the whole story in which you determine what you want to believe.